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Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance is an important purchase.  Often, it’s not just the case of buying an ‘off the shelf’ product as with family travel insurance – there are plenty of other things you may wish to consider.

Check the sums insured limit

With some ‘off the shelf’ travel insurance policies, the sums insured/limits can be applied on a per event or trip basis - particularly the cancellation/curtailment benefit. For business travel insurance, you should ensure that the sums insured/limits apply per person, per trip.

Taking a partner

It’s not uncommon for a business traveller to want to take a partner on a business trip abroad.  If separate travel insurance isn’t being arranged it’s important to check that the business travel insurance extends to family members and leisure trips.  If not, separate travel insurance will be required.

Finding a replacement

If the business trip is an important one then you need to consider what might happen if someone falls ill.  Your business may need to send a replacement in that eventuality.  Make sure the business travel insurance includes this cover.

Playing golf?

Many business travellers enjoy the opportunity to grab a round of golf during a business trip and take their clubs with them.  It’s worth checking that the business travel policy includes cover for the loss of or damage to your sporting or personal equipment and any hired equipment.

Protecting your laptop

Although many individuals carry their laptop in their hand luggage, some place it in their suitcase. Be sure that your business policy does not exclude property carried in the hold.

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