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Crash for Cash

"Crash for cash" is the term commonly used to describe a developing and dangerous motor insurance scam, masterminded by criminal gangs targeting honest motorists and putting innocent lives at risk.  Organised fraudsters have found a way of turning what appear to be genuine motor accidents into a means of securing significant payouts from insurers.  By conning innocent motorists into crashing into the rear of their vehicles, these fraudsters have created a lucrative business, the proceeds of which are frequently used to fund other serious types of crime.

The gangs target vehicles they believe to be insured - commercial vehicles in particular are becoming a more regular target.  The classic scenerio is a deliberate and unexpected 'slam' on the brakes at a roundabout or junction, causing the unsuspecting motorist to crash into the rear of the gang member's vehicle.

The claim will then be presented to the innocent motorist's insurer for (inflated) damage, hire costs, recovery charges (when the vehicle is often driven from the scene) and exaggerated personal injuries suffered by members of the gang.  They may also try to claim for personal injury for people who weren't even in the car.

How to protect your employees from being victims of a crash for cash scam

Firstly, ensure that all employees are aware of the scam.

If an employee feels that somebody is following them or driving erratically in front of them, particularly on the approach to a junction or a roundabout, drive defensively, giving the vehicle as a wide a berth as possible.

What you should do if any of your employees believe that they have been involved in a staged or induced accident:

What to do if any of your employees believe that they have been targeted in a staged or induced accident

Highlight your concerns to your motor insurer as soon as possible as this gives them the best opportunity to investigate the claim and prevent fraudulant payment.

Contact the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).  They run a free and confidential phone service that members of the public are encouraged to call if they have any information on staged motor accidents or other types of insurance fraud.  The number is 0800 328 2550.

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