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Event Insurance

Warmer weather is on its way and, with true British optimism, the Summer’s corporate events will soon be organised.
Whether the event is as simple as a summer barbecue for clients or as complicated as a concert, it is worth considering the implications if things don’t quite go to plan due to matters outside of your control:

The good news is that should the worst happen at your event insurance is available to protect your business.

Three key areas of event insurance cover to consider are:

Event Cancellation Insurance

If your event is cancelled due to something beyond your control, you will be covered for irrecoverable expenses to a pre-agreed limit.  This can also be extended to include cancellation due to terrorism related events.

Event Property Damage Insurance

This covers you for any loss of or damage to your property (or property you are responsible for) either at your event or travelling to and from it.  Loss of or damage to the venue’s buildings, fixtures, fittings and machinery can also be included.

Event Legal Liabilities Insurance

This provides cover if you have to pay compensation to a third party following accidental bodily injury or damage to their property for incidents happening during your event. Cover can also include injuries from food poisoning caused by food or drink served as hospitality by you.  Insurance can also be placed for your legal liability for injury to your own and casual staff.
In addition to the above, extensions are available for adverse weather or entertainer’s non-attendance.  So while we can’t guarantee the success of your next corporate event, we can help you to mitigate the cost if it does not go to plan.

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